The 2018 ROCK Conference will provide educators with: workshops, keynote presentations, team building experiences,
professional networking opportunities, and more. This is the perfect professional development for any educator of color and
represents an invaluable opportunity for districts, companies and organizations. We also encourage you to become a member

of Black Educators Rock, Inc. As a member, you will gain exposure to our vast network of 150,000+ educators via the world-
wide web. During the conference, you will also have direct exposure to 500+ educators from various regions of the country.

The ROCK Conference will also provide vendor opportunities throughout the entirety of the conference. This platform provides
companies, school districts, and organizations with the perfect network to market your services, resources, or opportunities to
a select purchase ready target market. Visit Us Today at to Become a Vendor!
To register, become a vendor, or for more info, visit or call Roxy Hall - 904-207-1278

Concurrent Professional Development Breakout Session Topics & Speakers (Subject to Change)

Instructional Strategies & Practices (ISP)

Advocacy & Empowerment (AE)

Professional Knowledge (PK)

​● Rigor, Relevance, and At-Risk Scholars (Kenda Lawson, M.Ed.)

● Arts Integration for the 21st Century Student (Edna Bland)
● Escape the Lab - A Simulated STEM Escape Room Investigation (Dr. Marquita S. Blades)
● If Instruction Isn't Engaging, I Quit (Vincent Taylor)
● Mirrors & Windows (Teresa Kelley)
● R U Engaged? 25+ Fun & Engaging Strategies to Raise Student Achievement by Bringing Standards to Life (Renita Perry)
● 21st Century Classrooms: Innovative Tools to Enable New Ways of Learning (Raechel Broussard)
● Erik Cork's Coast-to-Coast Classroom: Rebuilding the Writing Foundation (Erik Cork)
● Educating Digital Natives: The Challenges of Educating a Connected Generation (Francine Edwards)
● P.O.W.E.R: Personalized Learning with the Minority Student in Mind (Derrick & Chelsia Calvert)
● Flipping Your Classroom...Like a Boss! (Jennifer McCluney)
● Level Up! Technology Tools to Engage Your Digital Age Learners (Lawrence Jackson)
● Preparing for Global Competition in STEM (Jay Veal, )

● Engagement Strategies to Spread M.A.G.I.C. in Your Classroom (Carlanda Williams)

● Methods for Recruitment and Retention of African-American Teachers: An African-Centered Approach (Akil Parker)
● Shifting' the Strongholds through Empowerment & Advocacy: Maintain & Sustain (Dr. Johni Cruse Craig & Crystal M. Edwards)
● Race & Equity (Leading Inclusive Schools) (Selena Bowe & Dr. Kimberly George-Reid)
● Empowerment Strategies to Reduce Mass Incarceration (Dr. William “Flip’ Clay)
● Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Let’s build our kids up BEFORE they fall! (Bee Nance)
● Conversation Techniques for Difficult Parents, Students, Teachers & Administrators (Bea Lewis)
● How to achieve 1.5 years growth in math and reading while conquering poverty (Principal Shawn Hurt)
● NYC Men Teach Presents Making the Difference: Recruitment and Retention of Men of Color in Education (NYC Men Teach)
● Unapologetically Powerful...The WE Starts with ME (Dr. Nycole P. Lyles-Belton)

​● Armed and Dangerous-Triumphant Testimony (Dr. Miranda Griffin)
● Walker-How Can I Win-Unlocking the Blueprint to Personal Success (Semone Blair)
● Cracking the C.O.D.E. to Effective Communication in Schools (Dr. Nekeshia Doctor)

● My Hair Healed Me: Removing the Inferior Seed to Uncover the REAL YOU! (Te'Mia Lofton)


● Youth Battling Brokenness (Nzingha Gaines)
● Teaching the Whole Child: Integrating Social-Emotional Learning with Powerful Instruction (Jonette Marcus)
● Lead with Civility: Manage Conflicts to Avoid Confrontations & Collisions (Candice Dowd Barnes & Todd Scott
● Building S.T.E.M. Scholars in the Neighborhood (Dr. Connie Rivers Mitchell)
● Making sure the "C" is in your Professional Learning Communities (Dr. Elondra D.Napper)
● Effective Classroom Management: From Adversaries to Allies (Cortland Jones)
● Classroom Management Next Generation (Loretta Woods)
● Three Massive Mistakes Elementary and Middle School Teachers Make that Keep Students Misbehaving and Under-Performing in Their Class (and What to Do About It) (Dre Cleveland)
● "M.C." Means Move the Class: The Elements of Urban Education (Shaun Woodly, Ph.D.)
● How Can I Win (Semone Blair-Walker)
● Armed & Dangerous (Dr. Maranda Brown Griffin)
● Transforming the Village Through Trauma Informed Care (Professor Alfred Powell)

● Preparing for a Year of Coaching  (Nicole Turner)

● Conversation Techniques for Difficult Parents, Students, Teachers and Administrators (Bea Lewis)